Signal Boosters

A disconnected employee is an unproductive employee. Weak or intermittent cell signals are common in metal buildings, large hangers and underground spaces. When your customers or workers cannot use their phones, morale and productivity decline. Contact us today to learn more about installing a cell booster for your location and get your people connected again.

What Is A Cell Phone Signal Booster?

How do signal boosters work?

  1. An outside antenna receives the initial signal.

  2. A signal booster – also known as a repeater – amplifies the signal and makes it stronger.

  3. An inside antenna then re-broadcasts the boosted signal to areas that need it.

  4. Your employee’s device picks up the boosted signal and has a more reliable connection, improved reception, wider coverage, more bars, and longer battery life.

There are signal boosters for spaces of all sizes and types; from multi-story commercial buildings, offices, and warehouses, and even vehicles. There is a signal booster to solve every situation.

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