Satellite Communications

Pack Light & Connect Anywhere

When a business or the quest for adventure calls you off the beaten path you can pack light and stay connected. No matter how remote your location, Infosat will keep you in touch with your colleagues and loved ones back home.

Global Voice, Data & Internet Service

InfoSats backpack connections give you voice, data and Internet service virtually anywhere on earth. The gear is rugged, lightweight and completely portable. One of our most popular solutions is smaller than the box your smart phone came in!

Out of the Office but not Out of Touch

Backpack Connections are the perfect solution for lone workers, small teams and executive adventurers who need to:
  • Call for help when there’s an emergency
  • Transmit large data files to Head Office
  • Send & receive email
  • View web pages
  • Check the weather forecast
  • Update a Facebook page
  • Tweet about the latest adventure
  • Send photos
  • Make phone calls to colleagues, friends and family

Equipment from Leading Manufacturers

Whatever your needs, we have proven solutions from leading manufacturers like Iridium and Inmarsat.

Do You Need More than Just a Backpack Connection?

If a backpack connection is just one component you need as part of a bigger remote communications solution, contact us for our other solutions.
We look forward to learning about your specific needs and equipping you with a solid solution. Contact us today to start the conversation.

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