Fleet Tracking

Fleet management solutions help you optimize performance, manage fuel consumption and plan routes effectively by transforming data into actionable information. The data collected and analyzed helps you control costs, enhance safety, and strengthen customer loyalty. GPS-based software also provides accurate alerts, allowing you to limit unauthorized vehicle use, streamline the vehicle maintenance process and improve delivery times. Contact us to learn more!

Cut business costs by switching to mobile technology

Four reasons to choose fleet management from Quarterback Mobile IT Solutions

Backed by Canada’s largest LTE network* plus strong relationships with IoT solution leaders, Quarterback Mobile IT Solutions fleet management lets you:

  1. Keep your fleet connected with coast-to-coast coverage.

    With a network that reaches over millions of Canadians, you can confidently deliver timely and targeted messaging to your digital signage from anywhere in Canada.

  2. Stay fully informed with real-time status updates.

    With our easy-to-use Quarterback Mobile IT Solutions IoT platforms, you can monitor your fleet and remote assets from one centralized location.

  3. Rely on Quarterback Mobile IT Solutions to provide the expertise and experience.

    Quarterback Mobile IT Solutions has been designing, building and operating the critical infrastructures that power many of the largest networked organizations in Canada.

  4. Meet all your business needs with an array of leading-edge fleet management devices.

    Our diverse lineup of devices – including durable and rugged modems – ideal for fleet management

Key capabilities of fleet management from Quarterback Mobile IT Solutions

Real-time fleet management

With real-time GPS location tracking, you’ll always know where your vehicles are. You’ll also be able to dynamically schedule and re-route personnel and equipment to increase on-time arrivals.

Automated Hours of Service for regulatory compliance

Onboard electronic recorders eliminate the need for paper logs and better meets government regulations. You’ll also be able to improve compliance by providing drivers with access to two-way communication, electronic form transmission and real-time reporting.

Prevent breakdowns with diagnostic reporting

Analyze vehicle operation and performance, proactively diagnose issues and schedule repairs, all while monitoring speed, time spent idling and fuel consumption.

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